The trend toward lean, J.I.T. (just-in-time) manufacturing and concession stockholding requires amongst other things, effective and flexible storage systems which optimise space. With this in mind storage specialists STAKRAK LTD have introduced their Kanban line side storage racking system which facilitates the storage of components at the point-of-use, on the production line.

The Kanban system is robust, yet lightweight and can be adapted and modified to fit most requirements and is an ideal solution for smaller components, such as fasteners and fixings. For example, the system can have sloping shelves, to present containers for easy access and at the right height for operatives. Options include all metal shelves with plastic bins, or racks with particle board decks complete with plastic bins.

This two bin arrangement simplifies stock rotation and replacement. Both bins can be loaded with stock, when the front bin is empty it can be simply removed to allow the second bin to slide into place while the other bin can be replenished with stock on the next visit. Bins can be colour coded to enable easy identification of different components helping to speed-up the assembly, manufacturing process.

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