Logopak has supplied Jersey-based internet mail order specialist Play.Com with three purpose designed labelling systems that allow cartons to be tracked through the final closing and sealing process and then identified automatically for transit with a full size shipping label on the top.

Six Logopak 515T print & apply labelling machines have been installed, two for each of three packing lines. The first machine creates a small tracking label to identify each carton and its contents while it is automatically closed. The second creates the final shipping label.

“Many cartons are too shallow for the final shipping label to be attached to the side,” explains Logopak UK general manager. “So the small tracking label is created automatically at the last point before the carton is closed, providing a completely secure identity.”

The cartons are top loaded by hand with a variety of goods including books, DVDs, toys and  electronics with the order picking sheet, carrying details of contents and customer, placed on top. This sheet is then scanned and the data used for the tracking label, which is attached to the side.

Cartons then pass through an automatic closing machine and the tracking label scanned. Full transit labelling data is then downloaded from a host computer to the second Logopak machine for the main shipping label to be printed and fixed to the top of the carton.

“Unlike systems in which cartons are identified, but then simply put in a registered queue for automatic closing and labelling, the use of a tracking label ensures there is no blind spot in the closing and labelling process,” explains Wilson Clark.

“If a carton needs to be removed from the closing machine, perhaps to clear a jam, its identity remains intact, with no risk of mis-labelling.”

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