Having the capability to increase storage capacity is critical for many businesses. The lack of space can restrict the ability to trade and therefore impede the growth and profitability. For Tradewood Agencies bigger in this case was certainly better.

The warehouse facility for Tradewood Agencies, in Belfast, Northern Ireland is truly a massive structure; the Triple Link BVE with a 101m span x 95m in length provides a floor area of 9,595 square metres. This was in fact the largest possible building that could be constructed on the land available, allowing for traffic movement. However, this still created plenty of space to store a range of timber, and timber products, including doors, flooring and plywood for distribution throughout Ireland and the UK.

The front gables have been created with extended canopies over the doors to provide some protection from the elements. This is further enhanced with the gable of the middle building being set back to provide an under cover area for the loading and unloading of goods. The interior sidewalls were clad with Magnesium Silicate Board to provide a one-hour fire-wall: the material is light in weight and provides excellent insulation. Other features included in the build were roof fans and Syphonic Drainage system that collects rainwater in central gutters and transfers it to each of the ends of the building down to the external drains. This negates the necessity on long buildings of having to have internal drainage with their inherent problems.

Leo Bagnall (Director) at Tradewood said “Rubb have been a great company to deal with; the professionalism from the MD down to the workers on site impressed me every time I had to deal with them. They were hardworking and fast to react when changes were required, all of which were crucial ingredients for a smooth erection of a building of this size”.

On completion of the main structure the client added a 4,000 sq.ft. mezzanine floor to the structure to provide much needed office space.

The Rubb organisation, with production facilities in Great Britain, Norway and the United States is recognised as a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of relocatable structures and is quality certified to ISO9001:2000.

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