The introduction of the new Hörmann Dock Control enhances the company’s position as a true one stop shop for loading bays. Dock Control is a comprehensive safety control system that links the loading door and dock leveller controls to proximity sensors and warning traffic light systems. With all the components manufactured by Hörmann they are designed to integrate seamlessly.

A new dock buffer with integrated proximity sensor guides a vehicle onto a loading bay via the external traffic light system. Once on the bay a wheel chock, also with integrated sensor, needs to be correctly positioned before the loading bay controls will operate.

When the vehicle is docked securely the internal red traffic light flashes to indicate that the door can be opened. Only when the door is opened will the dock leveller controls operate. The dock leveller then controls the traffic light system.

Should the vehicle move or the wheel chock become displaced an alarm sounds and the loading lights turn to red immediately. As an additional safety feature, if the vehicle pulls off the bay whilst there is a load on the dock leveller platform the emergency stop valve will automatically lock the platform in position.

The sequence reverses after loading with the door only able to operate once the dock leveller is correctly parked. When the door is closed the external amber light flashes to indicate that the wheel chock can be removed. With the door secure and the chock removed the external light returns to green.

Integrated loading bay systems offer more than improved safety. As these systems are designed to work together from the outset operational efficiency can also be enhanced. Planning is the key, whether a refurbishment or new build Hörmann has the knowledge and expertise to develop the right solutions to suit your operational requirements.

As energy costs continue to soar Hörmann has introduced a number of new products to improve thermal efficiency in the loading bay area.  Examples include the new HS7030 Insulated high speed spiral door, for level access bays, and the ThermoFrame. This new accessory creates a thermal break between a sectional loading bay door frame and the building improving thermal efficiency by up to 20%, even with Hörmann insulated SPU door.

Speak to a Hörmann specialist to see how you can make improvements to efficiency and safety while saving on your energy bills.

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