Evans Cycles, the UK’s largest quality cycle retailer, has installed Manta electronic seals on its fleet of delivery vehicles. Developed and supplied by Unisto, the world’s leading supplier of reusable electronic security seals to the transport industry, the Manta seal will eliminate unauthorised access to ensure the integrity of each load and prevent potential losses from delivery vehicles.

From its head office and distribution centre located in Crawley, West Sussex, a fleet of fifteen vehicles delivers new bicycles, accessories, specialist clothing, fitness and training aid and associated spare parts to over 43 retail locations situated throughout the UK. Evans Cycles achieves additional sales through e-commerce, mail order, telephone and business to business channels.

As well as bicycles costing up to £8500 each, deliveries are mainly made up of small items that can run into 1,000’s of lines making it impossible to check whilst the driver is at the store.  The new Manta Seals will ensure the integrity of loads from the point of loading/sealing until delivery. They provide accurate data tracking by generating random 4 digit seal numbers on the integral LED each time the doors are closed. This unique number is recorded on the vehicle’s delivery manifest and can be visually checked at any time by pressing a single button to detect any unauthorised opening.

According to Richard Philpott, Logistics and Distribution Manager at Evans Cycles: “The Unisto Manta seal has helped us to eliminate opportunistic theft through the introduction of simple, standardised checking procedures that provide the highest level of security from loading to point of delivery. It is proving to be a reliable and easy to use solution to help cut crime.”

Unisto also supplied Evans Cycles with SealTrak, a small handheld device that enables data on the last 100 events to be downloaded via infrared (IrDA Interface) links at the press of a button. The data is collected weekly and includes seal closure and opening times, the time spent waiting to be unloaded, unloading periods and departure times to optimise delivery performance across the whole distribution network. In addition, detailed audit trails can be generated to aid security investigations.

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