Unisto, one of the world’s leading providers of high performance security seals, has announced that it has achieved compliance with ISO 17712, the new international standard for mechanical freight container seals.  Launched in conjunction with the US Homeland Security C-T PAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism), this new standard requires accreditation for both corporate (supplier security-related business processes) and product (physical testing). Unisto is now certified to provide a range of bolt and cable seals for use by the shipping and transport industry in a wide range of cross border and domestic operations.

“The new ISO 17712 standard establishes uniform procedures for the classification and acceptance of mechanical freight container seals,” commented Donald Miller, Unisto’s UK Sales and Marketing Director.  “We are pleased to be amongst the first manufacturers to achieve compliance allowing us to put strength grade marks on seals that meet the required security classification level, “H” High Security. Lower classification grades “S” Security and “I” Indicative, are likely to become more important after 1st March 2012 a tamper evidence testing regime is planned to be implemented that will guide the seal buyer as to their chosen security seal’s effectiveness.”

Unisto now provides a range of bolt and cable seals that have achieved full ISO17712 compliance, after successfully completing all prescribed tensile, shear, bending and impact tests. The bolt seals all feature solid steel bolts and bushes with a tensile strength of greater than 20 kN to prevent opportunistic access and each component is laser marked with a unique identification number and logo. This makes them easy to read in reduced light conditions as well providing higher levels of security as individual components cannot be altered or substituted. They require the use of bolt cutters for removal.

Ferrolock – This entry level ‘H’ certified bolt seal with a minimum tensile strength of 20kN is packed in cartons of 100 with each uniquely numbered bolt and bush packed together for ease of handling. The seal is polypropylene coated and available in a range of colours and customisable with logo or name laser marked on the bush.

Hi-Genius – A high specification ‘H’ certified  seal that features a longer, 80mm bolt for use in a wide range of applications. The bolt and bush interlock, aligning the numbers when sealed, making it easy to check that no substitution has taken place and provides evidence of attempted tampering by spinning. This solution product can also be bar coded for accurate, automated data capture and is packed in cartons of 20 with each uniquely numbered bolt and bush packed together for ease of handling.

Metalo 30 – This ‘H’ certified cable seal features a high quality 3mm galvanised steel “aircraft” cable with a tensile strength more than 10 kN. A unique identification number, logo and barcode is laser etched on the coloured, anodised aluminium body.  This is then double crimped onto the high specification interlocking roller-type locking mechanism and cable preventing a wide variety of tampering methods used to overcome cable seals such as freezing, use of shims, etc. Available in a wide range of different colours and cable lengths, Metalo 30 is supplied sequentially numbered in bundles of 10.

“As a longstanding member of the International Seal Manufacturers Association (ISMA), we are committed to the ongoing development of cost effective solutions that enable the shipping and transport industry to comply with all international regulations for sea containers and multimodal freight security,” concluded Donald Miller.

Unisto is an international company that specialises in solutions guaranteeing the security and authenticity of goods and brands. The company has a reputation for innovative design and, in close collaboration with customers and industry specialists, has developed many unique products using the latest materials and technology to meet specific market needs.

Unisto Limited

Donald Miller

Tel: 01483 209100

Email: dmiller@unisto.co.uk


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