Protective packaging specialist Pregis Protective Packaging Europe has introduced a unique calculator that enables customers to create a tailor-made protective solution using the company’s market-leading Foam Plank products.

The Pregis ICC (Intelligent Cushioning Calculator) features specially-developed software that can be used to assess and compare the different products in the range –

Nopaplank, fully extruded plank, and Polylam, laminated plank – and calculate the most appropriate amount of material required to ensure maximum protection.

Calculations can be made for the load area, the mass to be cushioned, the necessary cushion thickness and drop height requirements. The programme is able to optimise the thickness of the material and take into account any specific requirements of the design or shape of the product.

The overall aim of the ICC is to ensure  that the final solution is based on optimal loading requirements, and minimal thickness and volume, thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of the pack and enhancing a company’s carbon footprint by ensuring that no unnecessary packaging is used.

The new software has undergone extensive testing to ensure its effectiveness and is now being launched throughout Western Europe. It is available free of charge to all Pregis foam converters, enabling them to offer an enhanced service to their customer base.

Pregis’s Foam Plank range is extruded in polyethylene and provides a versatile and durable material that combines excellent physical and chemical properties with an attractive appearance. The lightweight closed-cell construction offers superior cushioning against repeated impacts and provides easy fabrication, cost-effectiveness and suitability for a wide range of applications.

Foam Plank is free of CFCs and the non-cross linked construction means it can be completely recycled.  It is available in anti-static and a range of colours, thicknesses and densities.

“This new calculator is a very valuable tool that will enable end-users to achieve highly tailored protective packaging solutions,” comments Martin Deryckere, Director of Marketing and Communications, of Pregis Protective Packaging Europe.

“It is a further example of Pregis’s commitment to creating value-added offerings that allow our distributors to deliver the highest levels of service and support to their customers.”

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  1. it is really an interesting solution to protect packages from customers. I hope that this product will be soon accepted by the market.Thanks

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