Logopak has completed installation of two major print & apply labelling systems involving a total of 29 machines – six of them double height pallet labellers – at the Bolton and South Wales plants of one of the UK’s principal paper tissue roll manufacturers.

Fully integrated with the plants’ own management information systems, the labellers also help keep track of production progress, allowing real time presentation of efficiency statistics, from initial creation of jumbo rolls of tissue through to output of finished product on pallets.

Initially, the project was to provide GS1 transit labels on pallets stacked two high, but Logopak saw that major cost savings could be achieved by using print & apply machines to identify bundles of primary packs in place of the plastic strips and ink jet printers previously employed.

As a result, a total of 18 Logopak 515 print & apply machines have been installed to label bundles of tissue prior to palletising. These labels include retailer codes and other shipping information but also carry programming instructions for the stretchwrapper.

“The stretchwrapper can then automatically adopt the pre-programmed wrap pattern for the product and pallet stacking format, providing the correct degree of pallet load stability without risk of crushing,” explains Logopak UK general manager Wilson Clark.

With over 200 permutations of product and pallet stacking format in regular use, automatic wrap programme selection also avoids risk of human error, he points out.

Pallets emerging two high from the palletiser are wrapped together and identified initially with a tracking label on the outside of the wrap by a further five Logopak 515 labellers. This provides flexibility by allowing transit labels, on three sides of each pallet, to be attached on any production line by the six Logopak 920PFR double height pallet labellers.

To prevent the high levels of fibre dust interfering with labelling mechanisms and the labelling media, Logopak has supplied all machines fully enclosed, with trap doors for operation of the label placement arms.

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