After pilot-testing Smartstak, developed by Loadhog, the Sheffield-based supply chain innovator, one of Australia’s largest glass manufacturers has specified the revolutionary and patented glass bottle transporting system as the standard method of conveying containers between its Australian and New Zealand operations.

Loadhog opened up the Australian market in 2009 by securing almost £2m in sales to Amcor, after investing almost £1/2m in moulding tools to produce bespoke Smartstak components for the leading global glass packaging manufacturer.

Launched in 2007, the Queen’s Award-winning Smartstak system comprises the Smartpad, an injection moulded, waved edge layer pad, and a spring loaded Smartframe, which work together to prevent the collapse of bottle packs during transportation or storage.

Since the initial £1m deal the new tools have produced 40 per cent larger Smartpads and Smartframes for Amcor. Loadhog has supplied an additional 500,000 pads which are now in full use, delivering to major breweries in Australia.

Smartstak operations manager, Dave Arthur, said: “The specification by such a prestigious company is a valuable ‘feather in our cap’ and the sales are also a major coup for Loadhog, certainly justifying our significant investment. What is especially pleasing is that this customer sees Smartstak as the standard for transporting glass bottles. This is a major step towards confirming the system as the industry standard, not only for Amcor. We are currently talking to a number of other major bottle manufacturers and are confident that more Smartstak sales are on the horizon.”


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