Toyota Material Handling UK has published the latest edition of their popular award winning guide to safe manual handling. This guide offers both employers and employees guidance on the safest ways to lift, stack and move items in the workplace.

The latest report from the Health and Safety Executive* (HSE) has found that there were over 46,000 incidents in the UK where manual handling task caused an injury that led to a worker being absent for three days or more. This represents 41% of all work place injuries, making manual handling the most common cause of injury in the workplace.

The Toyota Manual Handling Guide gives simple rules to remember when handling loads, recommended lifting weight guidelines and advice on material handling equipment that could help reduce the risk to employees.

Toyota believes the guide will help employers to ensure they are meeting their legal obligations to protect their workforce from injury. A comprehensive assessment checklist will help businesses to measure and assess their current manual handling practices and identify areas for improvement.

Tony Wallis, Operations Director, Toyota Material Handling UK, comments: “Toyota has long been synonymous with new ways to reduce risk in the workplace.  Our work in this area has allowed us to produce this comprehensive guide. We believe that this offers employers clear and simple advice to help them to meet their legal duties and to help reduce the huge number of injuries that stem from manual handling that are entirely preventable. If every business looked at the guide, reviewed their activity and focused on manual handling as a lost revenue, business in the UK could save hundreds of thousands of pounds per year in reduced absence and workplace injury. No-one can afford not to consider the content of the guide and we hope leaders will take time to review and implement  some of the steps to help prevent accidents. ”

The Toyota Manual Handling Guide is available free of charge at:

*HSE Statistics, Over 3 day injuries to employees by kinds of accident 2006/7

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