Swisslog, the global provider of integrated logistics solutions for warehouses and distribution centres, has added SmartCarrier and AutoStore to its range of solutions.

Autostore is a complete system for storage and order picking of single parts and small cases, with particular application for online retailers. It can be fitted easily into existing as well as new warehouses and greatly increases space utilisation. Goods are stored in bins, which are stacked directly on top of each other. The warehousing and picking operation is handled by robots travelling on an aluminium grid above the bins.

AutoStore is manufactured by Jakob Hatteland Logistics of Norway and Swisslog is the only supplier with a worldwide distribution agreement with Hatteland.

SmartCarrier, the other addition to the Swisslog range, was launched at the LogiMat exhibition in Stuttgart, where it received an enthusiastic welcome from potential customers. Designed specifically for highly dynamic light goods warehouses, SmartCarrier transport robots are autonomous vehicles with on-board intelligence which deliver totes and trays directly to dynamic picking stations.

It offers an excellent cost/ throughput ratio, has very low maintenance and running costs and, because of its modular design, offers immediate and flexible scalability. The system can be used for both item picking and case picking.

Daniel Fink, President of the Warehouse & Distribution Solutions Division at Swisslog, says: “SmartCarrier supplements the Swisslog portfolio perfectly. Distribution centres frequently consist of a combination of different warehouse and transport technologies, with highly dynamic light goods warehouses being key to success.

“Due to its flexibility, SmartCarrier opens up entirely new opportunities for innovative solutions that go beyond the storage application itself. Integrated dynamic picking zones are available already. The potential to use the autonomous carriers to link up additional areas within an overall system is enormous.”

The SmartCarrier system is manufactured in Austria by Servus Intralogistik GmbH, a joint venture between the Austrian Heron Group and Swisslog.

SmartCarrier and AutoStore reinforce Swisslog’s commitment to serve the light goods environment, complementing the QuickMove conveyor system and Tornado miniload cranes which they already offer.  The Tornado is the fastest and most energy-efficient miniload crane in its class, with a scalable modular system. The QuickMove conveyor technology consists of an integrated energy management system and is designed according to the plug & play principle.


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