With millions of pallets circulating in the UK supply chain, involved in manufacturing or distribution networks, the cost of losing pallets can be extremely costly, especially if they are plastic pallets. It is inevitable that some pallets will get lost in transit, but pallet management can play an important role in minimising their loss.

Furthermore, with the cost of timber pallets increasing in price over the last few years and continuing to rise at an accelerated rate, there has never been a better time for businesses to seek more cost-effective alternative solutions. With companies also looking for greener solutions, more companies are now considering the use of returnable plastic pallets as they are not only more durable and hygienic, they can be easily traced in transit.


In order to easily identify ownership of plastic pallets and make them stand out from others, certain minimum quantities can be individually customised to include printed or embossed company logos and names that can be visually identified on inspection.

An alternative solution to identifying ownership of pallets at a distance or in racking is achievable by an entirely new concept – whereby plastic pallets are manufactured from a customer’s corporate house-colours or use of two distinct colours in one pallet. This makes it very easy to identify pallets in the supply chain, in transport or storage.

PalControl creates intelligent load-carriers

As well as special markings and colours, PalControl is an example of Craemer‘s latest technical achievement: a concept for multi-purpose pallet traceability and security, achieved on the basis of radio-frequency identification RFID technology.

PalControl is the perfect method of combining transponders with state-of-the-art multi-purpose pallet concepts. This provides industry, businesses and pools with intelligent load-carriers. It also leads the way to improved rationalisation in logistics, where current identification systems, such as barcodes no longer fit the bill.

Starting with customer consultation on pallet supply and integration into existing logistic systems, Craemer can offer an all-in-one solution, in co-operation with our experienced system partners. The aim of PalControl is to provide greater efficiency of commodity flow by optimising work processes by means of logistic pallet control and the multiple circuits of goods by using RID technology.

With Palcontrol, customers reap the benefits of RFID technology as each pallet can be identified and is traceable throughout the supply chain, whilst other important information can also be linked to provide an up-to-date overview of both costs and stock that brings transparency in your logistics.

The transparency of both costs and stock ensures a highly efficient pallet management system. Regardless of the location and time, the Internet portal conveys the corresponding overview of the current situation. This allows users to control their pooling costs directly.

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