It is the greatest amongst the small – and still the most compact: the new RX 50 electric truck from the Hamburg based forklift truck manufacturer and intralogistics company STILL.

Today, the “50” already stands for the most sold three-wheel electric truck with rear wheel drive. In the future this is the way we want it to stay so therefore we have made it even better for more efficient transport of material.

The introduction of the new model will ensure that the tradition and unique success continues for 24-volt electric three-wheel trucks made by STILL. “It runs and runs and runs!” is something that can also be said about the STILL three-wheel truck. The R 50/RX 50 is the most sold three-wheel electric truck with rear wheel drive worldwide. Altogether more than 90 000 units have been sold all over the world since 1977!

But the success story begins much earlier: In 1949 STILL launched their first series of trucks – EGS 1000 electric three-wheel truck which was the first of its kind.

The new RX 50 series impressed the experts right from the start. The result: the IF-Product Design Award 2011. Winning this award is proof of the successful combination of form, function and features.

The new RX 50 is the most compact truck of its class with load capacities from 1.0 to 1.6 tonnes. Its narrow working aisle width saves space, leaving more room to store goods.

Flexible applications

The RX 50 is a highly manoeuvrable all-round truck for every warehouse or production area where it is necessary to stack and transport material, for example in the marshalling area of warehouses with often small or narrow aisles or when loading and unloading lorries or containers.

The broad range of possible applications include food and drink manufacturers, printers, third party logistics, goods in and out as well as multi-shift operation in the automotive industry, for example, to provide material to production lines.

Even if space is especially limited – the RX 50-10 COMPACT will fit in. A working aisle width of only 2888 mm speaks for itself. With an overhead guard only 1980 mm high and a chassis width of only 990 mm, it easily travels through doors only two meters high and one meter wide.

The environment benefits as well

The new RX 50 features the energy saving feature Blue-Q as standard, saving up to 12 percent energy depending on the application and the equipment of the truck.

This is not only a plus for the environment, because each Kw hour less, not only saves 575 grams of CO2 (according to Umweltbundesamt, CO2-emission factor 2009, as per March 2010) but also means lower energy costs saving up to 1000 Euros (based on a five year multi-shift operation).


The driver feels at home right away in the cab of the new RX 50. He will find all the comfort he has become accustomed to from its big brothers RX 20 and RX 60.

The large grab handle facilitates safe and easy access when entering and leaving the truck. The driver has all the information available at a glance and the hydraulic controls are easy to operate. The display and control unit gives the driver direct access to the driving programmes, the spotlights, the windscreen wipers and much more. Depending on the application or the load, the driver can select the most suitable of five available driving programmes. The sensitive driving characteristics and the exact execution of all drive commands increase operational safety.

Large windows in the overhead guard ensure optimum visibility upward and forwards for faster and safer operation – a standard throughout all the STILL trucks.

The driver’s compartment, complete with the control concept, is uniform for all the electric and diesel trucks of the RX series. This makes it easy for each drivers to operate all STILL trucks safely and with the minimum effort required for training and familiarisation. The drivers do not have to get re-accustomed when they change trucks.

Individually adaptable to the driver and the application

The modular design of the RX 50 means that the truck can be tailored to suit all operational demands. For example, there are four versions of hydraulic controls available: multi-lever, Fingertip, mini-lever or Joystick control. No other manufacturer gives this much choice.

As an option, the mast vertical positioning feature is available. If activated, the mast stops in the upright position when tilting forward. This is helpful to quickly stack or de-stack pallets, especially at the higher racking levels.

If the load weight needs to be known: the optional load weight sensor has a precision of +/- 2 percent. The load weight is indicated on the display.

Depending on the type of application, different overhead guards are available for drive-in racking, to travel under low doorways or to access train carriages. The canvas cabin protects the driver when working outdoors.

Available anywhere

Optionally the battery can be changed at the site of operation and without the need for a hoist. Driving to and from a central charging station becomes unnecessary and the time saved can be used for productive work.

All the maintenance inspection points are easily accessible. The battery cover can be readily unlocked and opened with one hand, with the help of a gas strut, to reveal the battery and the electric components.

Encapsulated (IP 54) and maintenance free AC electric motors for drive and hydraulics ensure that the RX 50 operates reliably in dusty or humid environments.

Maintenance is only required every 1000 hours of operation or every 12 months.

System orientation

The RX 50 is a great team player. Optionally it can be integrated into a Warehouse control system. To do this, respective terminals and scanners, for example, the 8.4 inch Touch Terminal are available. Good material flow management optimises the travel routes, avoids empty journeys and allows paperless transport of information parallel to the transport of material.

Fleet operation: Optionally it is possible to integrate the truck into the FleetManager. This software offers access authorisation, an accident recorder and the evaluation of truck data and operation data.

Impressive design – having won a trophy already!

The new RX 50 was awarded the much coveted iF-Product-Design Award right at its market launch. The panel of experts was convinced of the benefits the consistent family design has to offer, because another three STILL products were also awarded the coveted IF-Product-Design Award 2011. (The EXU-SF low lift pallet truck, the EK-X vertical order picker and the RX 70 diesel forklift truck). The award-winning design of the RX 50 is the result of the long years of cooperation of STILL with the Hamburg based design office TEAMS DESIGN.

The family design is unmistakeable despite each truck having been designed for different areas of application.

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