Forward Microsystems Ltd, a UK based company specialising in Stores Management Software, has introduced their latest range of Carousel Control Software. It is called NETSTOCK ePic

With over 25 years of experience in writing, installing, training and supporting their own in-house software, NETSTOCK, the latest offering promises to be a no-compromise solution to Carousel integration with MRP and ERP systems.

Whilst it is capable of working stand-alone, it really comes into its own when sourcing data from existing databases.

“We believe that Forward Microsystems Ltd have a range of products that will carry Carousel based storage systems far into the future because it is flexible enough to integrate with existing systems now and can be adjusted to blend with new systems as they are introduced.” Said Managing Director Ketan Vaja.

“Our new range of software is written using the latest programming techniques. The underlying principle of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) has been applied. The screen display is very clear and only necessary information is displayed. This means that operators do not need to know how to operate computers in order to work. It is designed to be intuitive”. Added Nitin Patel, Commercial Director.

All variants of NETSTOCK ePic have the standard functionality of Picking and Replenishing. However, some users may or may not want quantities, logged users, transaction recording, etc. That is why there is a range of products and prices to suit individual needs. All of the products can be used stand-alone or linked to another system. All products can be used to control a single storage area or multiple areas.

Why not give us a call and discuss your requirements. For a free trial version, visit us at:

Forward Microsystems Ltd

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