A prototype energy saving print & apply labeller, tag-on-demand RFID labelling, and laser printing for labels up to A3 are among developments being launched at Interpack by automatic ID specialist Logopak.

The prototype Logopak 515ETG labeller has been developed for a major UK dairy, which is seeking to reduce energy costs at one of its sites by eliminating use of compressed air. The machine uses stepper motor drives and timing belts in place of the usual pneumatic cylinders and a specially designed vacuum box in place of the normal compressed air operated unit.

“This dairy is looking to create the greenest site of its type in the UK and has targeted the energy cost and particularly system losses inherent in compressed air systems,” explains Logopak UK general manager Wilson Clark. “The 515ETG labeller is the first machine of its type.”

Based on a standard Logopak 515 labeller, which has a 600mm horizontal and 450mm vertical movement, the electrically driven machine is to be installed later this year and will be used to apply labels to the top surface of various packs.

Also on show is a new system for reducing the cost of print & apply RFID labelling in applications where more than one bar code label is required, such as adjacent side identification of pallets and cases, or where only packs for some customers require RF tags.

Rather than use labels with pre-attached tags, the Logopak 920 RFID print & apply labeller is fed with separate reels of RF tags and labels. It can write and apply a single RF tag, which is then verified in place and covered by one of the pack’s bar code labels. Alternatively the machine can apply no tag at all.

Logopak’s a new compact laser printing system is capable of creating large labels, up to A3, on paper laminates, plastic and even metal label substrates for harsh environments such as steel and brick manufacture. It occupies up to 75 per cent less space than conventional laser printers.

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