Interroll Carton Versi Flow– offers an ideal solution to create a quick, easy and economical installation in order to optimise on storage space and order processing. This versatile modular wheel system, supplied in pre-assembled beds, is designed to simply and quickly convert most pallet rack structures into dynamic, versatile carton flow storage.

The range of ‘Versi Flow’ strong multi-wheel roller track sections are available with a variety of wheel centres, module widths and lengths, to be simply fitted onto pallet rack cross beams using the universal end hooks to create a complete dynamic shelf level. It takes only minutes to retrofit existing pallet racking and requires no special tools to mount shelf beds into racks. Using larger and wider diameter polycarbonate wheels than normal carton track, this provides for easy flow ability and the wide rolling surface gives good support for various carton types and plastic totes.

The densely packed, complete bed of wheels provides for ultimate flexibility as changing carton sizes can be accommodated without the need for track and guide re-configuration. Interroll Versi Flow allows you to achieve 90% space utilisation and efficient storage on a first-in first-out principle (FIFO).

Strong polycarbonate wheels resist impact damage and provide long wear characteristics and are separated by movable spacers for versatile wheel spacing. Durable and virtually maintenance-free, Interroll Versi Flow can be used for storage of many FMCG including food and grocery goods, wines and spirits, freezer stores operating at temperature -35°C to 40°C, stationery, books and other fast moving items that may also be date sensitive.

A comprehensive range of accessories enable projects to be custom-built to suit individual storage handling requirements, including tilted presentation shelves, lane indexers, etc.

Interroll Versi Flow flexibility proves to be a key feature for many order picking operations, as seasonal changes in pick volumes can be catered for as the carton live system can be quickly removed to revert the supporting structure back to pallet racking to meet changes in throughput requirements.

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Managing Director

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