The innovative safety barrier specialists A-Safe, based in Halifax is working alongside Facilities and Management companies throughout the UK to ensure that manufacturers and businesses of all kinds, get the best possible safety advice in protecting valued staff and their valuable buildings and plant.

Blue Chip companies like Kimberly-Clark, Coca Cola and Marks and Spencer all recognise the importance of safety in protecting their brand’s integrity and installed A-Safe barriers as their safety systems of choice, either for new build projects or the replacement of outdated and expensive to maintain steel.

Kimberly-Clark appreciates the fact that their people are the most precious asset, but buildings, plant and machinery come a close second.  Stewart Leary, Safety Technician at the Flint factory and instrumental in introducing A-Safe’s barriers in to the company said: “A-Safe has proven time and again that they are superior to steel in all areas, offering my team peace of mind that the barriers are doing their job in protecting the workforce and machinery in a cost effective way.”

Coca Cola, another internationally renowned company takes a similar strategic safety view. As part of its acquisition of the Abbey Well water brand in 2008, extensive investment was made in its Morpeth bottling site in Northumberland to ensure that the site and the brand continued to go from strength to strength under Coca-Cola. This included upgrading its safety systems. Peter Stobbs, Engineering Manager at the Morpeth site explained: “The beauty of A-Safe is that, quite quickly and efficiently, we could replace the existing barriers with A-Safe’s yellow polymer traffic barriers which quite clearly demark the pedestrian and vehicle segregation. “A-Safe were agreed as the preferred supplier as they are incredibly capable in understanding our needs and providing the right equipment in response to this and to budget. Above all they had the right products that are effective in protecting staff and equipment.”

Marks and Spencer also takes a thorough and uncompromising approach to its health and safety needs with its expensive equipment, large volumes of stock, warehouse vehicles and staff all moving around their new prestigious distribution site in Bradford, all at the same time. As part of a comprehensive range of barriers, protecting building columns was key. Danny Swann, Logistics Manager for Capital and Infrastructure at M&S Head Office commented: “I don’t think either of the column protectors for Armco looked great, therefore I preferred the A-Safe option.”

A-Safe (UK) Ltd

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