To help reduce running costs and environmental impact TT Express (TTX) is installing Masternaut’s patented contactless CANbus connector in its tractor units. This investment in the engine monitoring and diagnostic system will help to identify the causes of low mpg and it records excessive braking, idling, speeding and under or over acceleration. TT Express is the logistics partner for Toys“R”Us, McDonalds, Mothercare, TJ Hughes and Littlewoods Shop Direct logistics.

Masternaut’s contactless CANbus connector is unique in not needing an open FMS (fleet management standard) gateway, which retains the full vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. It sends information in real time to the Masternaut vehicle tracking system, alerting TTX’s fleet management team of faults or unusual driver and vehicle behaviour.

The CANbus information will be further monitored using Masternaut’s unique GreenerFleet solution, which TTX will use to reduce the fleet’s carbon footprint and running costs. For further safety, tractors will be equipped with Vehicle Data Terminals (VDT). These in-cab communications devices will provide a visual display of jobs to drivers, hands-free mobile telephony and navigation. Again, the addition of Masternaut technology will improve vehicle operation and environmental impact.

“The CANbus technology and GreenerFleet combination is a powerful solution for environmental and cost monitoring and it also helps with driver training. The system has the ability to provide detailed reports for each vehicle and driver, allowing us to prioritise training and re-education thereby ensuring our drivers are among the best performing and safest on the road. With the VDT’s we are cutting out paper and providing hands-free two-way communications, which further improves driver safety,” says Peter Shepherd.

Modern vehicles are fitted with up to 70 electronic control units for various subsystems. The largest of these is the engine control unit or ECU. Other control units are used for the transmission, airbags, antilock braking, cruise control, audio systems, windows, doors, mirror adjustment and other electronically controlled systems. The CANbus connector relays this information through to the vehicle tracking system enabling the fleet management team to monitor that all systems are working correctly and safely.

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