TGW developed a new high-performance transfer unit that closes the performance gap between conventional transfers and sorters. This new transfer provides for performance of up to 6,000 transfers per hour, easy maintenance, and high safety standards, making it versatile to meet any application requirement.

The overall performance of material handling installations often depends on the transfer units used. In high performance applications, the technical possibilities were restricted or companies had to use sorter solutions. TGW’s new high-performance transfer closes the performance gap, offering maximum versatility and performance with optimum safety features, availability and ease of maintenance.

Swivel wheel transfer allows for up to 6,000 transfers per hour

The functional principle of TGW’s new high-performance transfer is simple: A carpet of swivel-mounted wheels either transfers loads of varying sizes to parallel conveyors or diverts them in 30°, 45° or 90° angle at a throughput rate of up to 6,000 units per hour. As the normally required lifting process is no longer needed, the new technology saves time and considerably simplifies the mechanical function. This transfer device can not only be used under standard conditions, but is also suitable for freezer applications and installations with special ESD (electrostatic discharge) requirements.

All high-performance transfer functions can be implemented on either or both sides of conveyors and handle different types of loads. Apart from conventional plastic totes and cartons, the transfer device handles products directly without additional load carriers. Load dimensions range from 150 x 150 mm to 800 x 600 mm, the weight capacity lies between 0.1 kg and 50 kg.

Patented “Wave” technology ensures maximum transfer performance

Depending on the performance requirements and required function, you may either actuate individual transfer wheel rows, group of rows or the whole unit. Maximum performance is achieved, when goods are diverted at a 30° angle, actuating each wheel row separately. As soon as a product reaches a wheel row, this row swivels into the corresponding transfer direction and immediately returns into its basic position, once the product has passed. This way the wheel rows seem to perform a wavelike movement, which gives the “Wave” control its name. This technology reduces the gaps between the handled goods to a minimum, while increasing the device performance to more than 6,000 transfers per hour.

Highest performance, optimum safety, maximum availability as well as short maintenance and repair times were the main requirements for the development of the new TGW high-performance transfer. Furthermore, TGW developed an intelligent and cost-effective drive concept with several drive options for the new transfer device.

Different drive options

In order to reduce the number of drives and consequently the investment costs and controls expenses, the TGW high performance transfer uses the drive of adjacent conveyors. This way, two drives can be saved for a 90° diverter compared to conventional transfers, reducing the price for mechanical and controls equipment.

Modular design reduces repair times

The new construction allows for easy maintenance and repair. Therefore, the wheel carpet consists of individual modules of three wheel rows each which can be dismantled and replaced very quickly and without tools. The average time needed to replace a module is only 2 minutes.

TGW uses maintenance-free timing belts and bearings to further reduce maintenance requirements. The circular belts, too, require very low maintenance, as they no longer make contact with the loads, which considerably increases their service life.

Protective covers increase safety and availability

As there is no need to lift up the swivel wheels, the engineers were able to integrate a continuous covering all around the device, eliminating all danger points for the operating personnel. Thus the new transfer is perfectly suited for workplace applications. Besides, the covering prevents loads from getting stuck, which considerably increases the device’s availability.

Thanks to its high performance, flexibility and ability to handle different types of load carriers in a great number of applications as well as the attractive price-performance ratio, the new TGW high-performance transfer opens up new design and implementation options for dynamic material handling systems.

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