Access platform distributor, Working at Height, recently supplied Genie AWP Super Series portable work platforms to Westminster and Rochester cathedrals to enable personnel to carry out cleaning and maintenance tasks at height. Unlike factories and warehouses however, cathedrals don’t have flat floors and ceilings and moving the units around the sites presented problems.

The company teamed up with safety handling specialist Stanley Handling which provided heavy duty PowerMate M2B powered stairclimbers and these were supplied with the work platforms and thorough on-site training as a total package.

PowerMate has enabled staff to manoeuvre the 350kg platform units with minimal manual handling effort and in complete safety. Thresholds, steps, narrow passages and even low archways can be negotiated thanks to the versatility of the PowerMate, indeed the combined units were ‘factory tested’ using wooden frames set at the same dimensions as the tightest spaces in which they would need to operate to confirm their suitability.

Working at Height’s Paul Whittle is enthusiastic; “We sell the Genie and Stanley Handling’s PowerMate as a package and it means clients can utilise access platforms much more effectively in ‘non-traditional’ environments. Certainly you can now use your Genie in pretty much any situation where you need to work safely at height, including, of course, your warehouse!”

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