The SSI Schaefer Orbiter System will be on show at the Food & Drink Logistics Show, providing visitors with a unique insight into the latest technology in automated Deep Pallet Storage and Retrieval.

A device ideally designed and suited to meet and exceed the requirements of today’s exciting, rapidly growing food and drink market, the Schaefer Orbiter System leads the way in providing safer, faster and more intelligent controllable shuttle system technology capable of travelling up to one metre per second.

Allowing for high density storage with channels in excess of 20 pallets in depth with rapid availability of the selected pallets on demand using selective racks mounted on mobile bases, the Schaefer Orbiter System increases capacity over traditional drive-in storage methods which can be operated in either First in Last Out or First in First Out.

State of the art lifting mechanics and Operative Protection Docking Station, complete with a unique power supply that allows the Orbiter to be recharged each time it enters the docking station ensuring optimum efficiency gains, guarantees an intelligent storage system ideally suited to the food and drink sector, particularly cold storage – long life power caps allow the Orbiter to be used in deep freeze environments without loss of power or operational efficiency.

Provided as a two piece set, the easy to use Schaefer Orbiter is locked safely into the docking station at all times allowing for the safe movement from one aisle to another. When the Orbiter is required in a specific channel, a standard fork-lift picks up the docking station with the Orbiter and places the device into place at the front of the supporting racking system – the Orbiter’s storage and retrieval commands are then transmitted via radio frequency using a hand-held remote control in the cab of the fork lift operator.

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At a glance the Schaefer Orbiter System has the following advantages:

• State of Art Operative Protection with unique Docking Station

• High speed – one metre per second

• Easy to use Docking Station with 50mm location tolerance

• User friendly icons on the remote control

• Innovative Power Supply using Power Caps

• Suitable for deep freeze environments

SSI Schaefer’s experienced sales and technical team will also be on hand at the Food & Drink Logistics Show to discuss the full range of capabilities on offer from Schaefer to support the storage and distribution demands of the food and drink community, strengths including complete project management integration and working hand in hand with each and every customer to develop, design and implement the most innovative yet cost effective solution for each project.

Typical products designed and manufactured by Schaefer are storage and transport containers, shelf storage systems, pallet racks, long load racks and mobile racking systems, which combine with automated picking and sortation systems to form the basis of manually operated or fully integrated storage solutions.

SSI Schaefer

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