More and more companies in the food manufacturing, processing and storage sectors are taking advantage of the space saving attributes of the Aisle-Master range of articulated forklifts to increase available storage capacity in existing premises and therefore improve productivity.

The ability of Aisle-Masters to work in very narrow aisles coupled with their versatile indoor and outdoor operation enables users to cut down working aisle widths in the warehouse to achieve maximum pallet density, avoiding the need for costly relocation or outlay on additional storage space.

Aisle-Master supplies AC electric ands LPG powered models with capacities of up to 2,500kg and lift heights of 12.5m. As all the machines are manufactured from start to finish at the factory, a high level of customisation to suit exact operational specifications can be offered. Cold store spec Aisle-Masters for example are fitted with powerful 930 amp batteries and will work in temperatures as low as minus 40°C.

The production of the Aisle-Master range moved to the premises of its sister company Combilift last year, and the manufacturers announced the introduction of a 5 year / 5,000 hours parts warranty on its new models in November 2010. “We have the utmost confidence in the reliability of the product which is why we have introduced this generous warranty,” said MD Martin McVicar.

Recently launched models feature a redesigned operator’s cab and controls for improved ergonomics and over-articulation which allows the unit to be operated faster in even narrower aisles. Also new to the range is the narrow 1030 mm chassis 1,500 kg capacity 15E model, able to work in even tighter aisles for more space saving handling and storage operations.

Aisle-Master also offers a warehouse planning service, free of charge. Customers can either supply a layout of their premises, or Aisle-Master personnel will visit to undertake a site survey. On the basis of this, design engineers supply layout proposals and storage density calculations, illustrating the optimum use of space.

Aisle-Master Ltd.

UK Tel: 07870 976 758


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