Beaverswood have been involved in Warehouse Identification since 1984 and knows only too well that management of a modern warehouse needs clear and precise identification.

Beaverswood manufactures labels of all kinds, for pallet racking and for shelving, the labels can be printed with alpha numeric codes, random sequences, barcodes and colour block level identification.

Labels are manufactured on materials to suit your requirements using adhesives for ambient temperatures and adhesives suitable for the cold store. Labels can be produced on magnetic sheet, enabling them to be relocated if required.

Removing existing labels can be difficult and time consuming. The answer is to use the Beaverswood ‘BLACKOUT’ material that completely covers up the old labels saving valuable time.

Beaverswoods experienced team not only manufacture the labels but install them as well, with the minimum of disruption to your workplace.

All Beaverswood’s standard range and some examples of the special made to order items can be seen in their brand new catalogue. To request your copy and a free sample pack call and let Beaverswood offer you a quick, simple and cost effective solution to your labelling and identification needs.

Beaverswood Ltd

Tel: 0118 979 6096

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