Welcome to the 1st March Warehouse & Logistics News. The mornings are lighter and the days are getting longer. We’re starting to feel cheerful again, and looking forward to the coming of spring, and the extra energy it brings, including energy to make decisions for our businesses.

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In this issue you’ll find all our regular sections plus scheduled features on Pallets & Pallet Management, Warehouse Lighting and Warehouse I.T. Pallets and Pallet Management looks at wood and plastic pallets, pallet suppliers, pallet pools and pallet management management. Warehouse Lighting includes energy-efficient, long-life and sensor-activated solutions, and Warehouse I.T. takes in RFID, barcodes, readers, scanners, labels and handheld technology.

As the UK’s only fortnightly and number one title for the UK marketplace, at Warehouse & Logistics News we’re continually working to bring you the best possible information service, in print, digital and online. If you’re thinking of investing in products and services to enhance your operations this spring, our brand new online service WarehouseBuyer.co.uk provides a complete one stop shop for all purchasing decisions within the warehouse & logistics industry, helping buyers make those all important choices based on up to date and accurate information directly from the suppliers.

Whether you‘re buying products, looking for a new supplier or upgrading your existing equipment, you’ll find it all on WarehouseBuyer.co.uk. Our new site is unique in the industry as it uses the latest online software that powers websites such as CNN, Sony and ebay. You can carry out complex searches using key words and phrases to find what you are looking for, and share your findings through the major social networks including FaceBook and Twitter. All our listings are enhanced with searchable Google Maps and built in contact forms.

WarehouseBuyer.co.uk will be promoted in 2011 through various forms of media, including websites, email newsletters, exhibitions and direct mail, to get the message across that WarehouseBuyer.co.uk is the business directory the warehouse and logistics industry should come to first. But don’t wait to be told – check it out for yourself today!

Finally, here’s a thought. Lent this year starts on Ash Wednesday, 9 March. How about everyone in the warehouse and logistics business giving up that Great British bad habit of moaning about how tough everything is, and committing ourselves to making the best of it? If we all did it until Easter, just imagine the positive effect on business morale!

Have a successful month.

Warehouse & Logistics News

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