Equipment Tracking, the software and pallet management specialists are ready for the future as Chep begin trials with their new Managed Exchange service offer. Under this new offer all customer deliveries will have to be declared electronically to Chep (including those classified as Exchange Customers). This could mean manually entering all pallet despatches onto Chep’s Portfolio+ system, which has inherent increases in administration costs. Chep Customers will also need the capability to monitor their collection entitlement and book collections in with suitable retail sites.

Equipment Tracking provide both software and management services for tracking equipment throughout the supply chain. Their specialized software, SEEC (Software for Efficient Equipment Control) is used by businesses to completely monitor and manage the movement of pallets, trays, merchandiseable units and, in fact, any transferable asset. They are trusted by leading manufacturing, warehousing and logistics organizations to help save time, money and drive efficiencies throughout the supply chain. SEEC is a competitively priced software solution that tracks over 6 million pallet movements a year.

Equipment Tracking MD Ewa Groszek takes up the story: “Over the last 16 years our company has evolved into a very successful pool management organization and our international blue chip client base has grown with it. The supply chain is continuing to evolve, and as changes take place in the industry we update our software. This ensures that our clients continue to achieve maximum benefits: reduced costs; increased efficiencies; automated declarations; and peerless reporting.”

SEEC makes asset management simple by integrating with existing enterprise systems that capture equipment movements throughout different areas of the supply chain, and unifies information into a single model. The software is available as either a hosted solution, or in conjunction with Equipment Tracking’s management service. They provide a flexible offering with a hands-on personal service tailored to the individual client’s requirements. SEEC is for companies running hired or owned pools of equipment. This real-time system delivers facilities to control, monitor, declare and verify supplier invoices. No matter which, or how many, equipment suppliers you use, SEEC will give you the tools to manage your pool.

Ewa concludes: “The new Managed Exchange solution is under testing and scheduled commencement for early 2012. At this juncture all businesses will have to begin electronically declaring their despatches to Chep. SEEC will enable you to do this not only for your Chep pool, but for other pallet providers such as LPR, IPP or Contraload. SEEC will also support automated reports for collection entitlement and facilities for booking in collections at retail sites. At Equipment Tracking we are always developing our software to meet changes in the industry, and this recent proposed change is no exception.”

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