ProDriPole has been developed  specifically to provide protection for goods and their packaging materials which are shipped in ISO 20ft and 40ft containers.

Protective Packaging Limited have launched  ProDriPole which uses anhydrous Calcium Chloride,  designed to work in relatively open environments as opposed to silica gel and activated clay which must be contained within a controlled atmosphere such as a hermetically-sealed barrier foil bag in order to be effective.

The anhydrous Calcium Chloride is contained within the top section of the pole and the liquid that is generated during the absorption process is collected in the bottom sump section of the pole. This unique design allows the absorptive qualities of the anhydrous Calcium Chloride to be maximised whilst ensuring that the liquid is maintained in a sealed unit.

Generally 4 – 6 poles are required for a 20ft container and 6 – 12 poles for 40ft containers. The number varies according to the length of transit, prevailing conditions and the type of cargo. The design and size of the pole allows it to hang securely in the natural recesses of the container.

The ultimate ProDriPole absorption capacity is up to 2000g of contained liquid. This demonstrates the immense power of the ProDriPole to protect cargo throughout the entire voyage, even under severe conditions.

Typical applications include the shipments of Chemicals, textiles and leather, plastics, metal and glass, canned food, automotive, machinery, household goods and personal belongings.  The use of ProDriPole ensures that valuable cargo is protected from the damaging effects of “Container-rain”. It’s important to remember that although the goods might be able to survive exposure to high humidity levels, the packaging that the goods are in might not.

For further information please contact Pam Robinson

Tel: 0161 976 2006


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