Sustainability will be a major driving force in the new product development programme for Pregis Protective Packaging Europe during 2011.

Outlining plans for the forthcoming year, Kevin Baudhuin, Pregis Corp’s recently appointed president, global protective packaging, said the company was working on the creation of a broad, innovative environmentally-friendly product portfolio, building on its existing successes such as its Superlite Poly Mailer and EP-Flex™ Renew™ biodegradable film.

“Pregis has always prided itself on being a protective packaging leader in many areas, and we intend to maintain this position with a pro-active growth strategy, in particular focusing on three key areas – sustainability, innovation and customer partnerships,” explains Baudhuin.

“Listening to our customers, it is clear that sustainability remains a primary concern and we are continuing to respond to this in all our development work. At the same time, we recognise that any sustainable solution must still meet other key requirements such as high performance and cost-effectiveness and we will therefore ensure that our products continue to satisfy all these criteria. Equally important, all such developments will be achieved working with our customers so that we can benefit from each other’s strengths and promote mutual growth.”

Baudhuin has been president of Pregis’ North American protective packaging business since December 2007. In his expanded role, he is now also leading the operations of Pregis Protective Packaging Europe, focusing on continuing to build on the company’s established strengths. The new strategy for 2011 will see the announcement of a number of new product and enhanced service initiatives.

“Our goals remain unchanged – to offer value-added protective packaging solutions and services to customers worldwide,” comments Baudhuin. “With the support of our outstanding global team, we look forward to setting new protective packaging standards.”

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