hgvbuffer.com are the UK Exclusive distributor of Holt Stop, a revolutionary HGV buffer, UK patent GB 2468371.

The Holt Stop Percussion Buffer was developed due to an ongoing problem with the current buffering systems implemented in UK distribution centres. Although many variations have been created including a spring loaded buffer; all of these still do not address the initial problems of preventing damage to the dock door and its surroundings, damage to the trailers and the inability to remain on the dock wall for a prolonged period of time.

Holt Stop provides clients with substantial costs savings by:-

• Eliminating bay damage

• Eliminating damage to trailers

• Eliminating bay downtime and maximising output

It consists of three parts:-

• Steel Cradle which is seam welded onto the dock wall

• 750mm Rubber buffer

• PE500 Nylon striker plate

The percussion buffer by its very nature takes the energy from the docking trailer and distributes the forces effectively. This is achieved through a free moving striker plate which is able to move in every direction along with the absorption buffer, whilst being housed in a fixed wall cradle. This compensates for the deviation in trailer docking onto a loading bay as each buffer within a pair works independently.

When the trailer backs onto the dock door it first makes contact with the striker plate, the absorption buffer has air cavities inbuilt (front and rear) with three exhaust ports. When the striker plate makes contact with the absorption buffer on the front face it seals three chambers with air, as the trailer continues to dock air is forced through three ports into a large chamber giving the first stage of the percussion action.

The absorption buffer then moves back sealing itself against the fixed dock cradle therefore creating an airtight seal. With the trailer continuing to dock the absorption buffer starts to compress into a unique slot in the cradle holder before venting captive air through natural status giving the secondary percussion phase.

After compression has taken place the trailer is removed from the tractor unit, during this process a vertical force is applied to the striker plate, however, as the back of the trailer goes up a vertical shearing force is applied. The Holt Stop Percussion Buffer comprises of three parts (1 fixed and two moving). The striker plate is allowed to lift vertically within the cradle absorbing any shearing forces that would normally be transferred into the dock wall and fixing bolts.

Holt Stop is mounted 150mm higher than the dock leveller to prevent trailers “riding over” and damaging bays/vehicles and cladding. Holt Stop has been approved by DHL, Iceland, GIST, Carlsberg & Warbutons.

Stephen Moxley (Operations Manager) Gist (Carlsberg) said “Holt Stop is a fantastic new product that will eradicate damage to loading bays and cladding. We have tested the product over the last couple of months and we are extremely happy with the results.”


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Email: info@hgvbuffer.com


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