Print & apply labelling specialist Logopak has completed the largest single UK order for its new 400 Series labellers, with 12 of the machines now installed at the Yorkshire distribution centre of clothing retailer Next.

The new machines join 18 Logopak 515 Series hanging garment and tote labellers installed at Next over the past three years and replace a completely manual operation in which labels for mail order customers were produced with desk-top label printers, from data entered by hand.

Instead, tote bins used in assembling each order are now first identified with bar codes produced centrally with each picking list. Then, as each bin moves to the packing area, the bar code is scanned and, via the warehouse computer, label data sent to the Logopak 410 machines.

“Generating labels automatically from pre-validated data avoids risk of human error and saves a lot of time,” points out Logopak UK sales manager Howard Jagger. “The 410 machines were chosen for their small footprint and also for the speed of the new PowerLeap 3 control system.”

This, he explains, triples the speed at which images are formed in the print head compared with standard print engines, giving a high “refresh rate” to maintain output on applications such as mail order where virtually all label data can change between one item and the next.

The Logopak 400 Series machines also incorporate a unique “body separation” facility to minimise downtime by giving rapid access to working parts for cleaning and maintenance. Removal of a single fastener and side plate allows the labelling head to be reached in 5-7 seconds, avoiding any need for disassembly.

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