As part of a complex integrated installation of 57 loading bays and many other energy efficient doors for James Hall and Company Limited’s Spar distribution centre in Preston, Hörmann have installed 31 double insulated DPU sectional doors on the chilled and freezer sections of this impressive new build. The DPU doors close in front of the dock leveller to seal on to thermally insulated panels that form the base of the dock leveller pits. This method maximises the benefits of this highly thermally efficient door system.

A thermal “U” value of only 0.3 W/m2K for the doubled skinned steel door panel is achieved with an 80mm thick insulating core of rigid, HCFC free, polyurethane foam. Double seals at the lintel and floor effectively reduce energy losses while the steel sections have thermal breaks on both the interior and exterior.

To maintain the high levels of insulation while bringing more natural light into the cold store, quadruple glazed, full width panoramic vision panels have been chosen for this installation.

For added safety the DPU door comes with a leading non contact safety edge photocell system to monitor the bottom edge of the door and stop and reverse the door before contact with any potential obstruction.

The Hörmann Group is an internationally-oriented, fast-growing company in the construction supplier industry. Doors, hinged doors, frames and operators are manufactured for the markets in Europe, North America and Asia at 16 highly-specialised factories.

The Hörmann Group

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