Following a number of recent contract wins, Derbyshire-based Lockwood Haulage Ltd has increased the size of its trailer fleet by buying eight new Freepost and two new Euroliner curtainsider trailers from Schmitz Cargobull.

With the acquisition of the new vehicles Lockwood now has over 95 trailers in its fleet – which, until now, has been made up of non-Schmitz Cargobull products.

“Lockwood have traditionally been users of another manufacturer’s trailers,” says Schmitz Cargobull’s Ryan Mazgaj. “This is the first time that the company has bought our trailers so we are delighted to have been able to convince Lockwood’s senior management of the advantages that Schmitz Cargobull‘s Freepost and Euroliner designs offer.”

According to Lockwood’s operations director, Wayne Evans, one of the major attractions of the Schmitz Cargobull Freepost is the fact that the trailer has been developed with the driver very much in mind.

“I saw a prototype of the Freepost model at a customer event organised by Schmitz Cargobull in the Autumn of 2008,” he says. “The Freepost’s  buckles are quick and simple to fasten and release, while the trailer’s controls are straightforward and easy to follow and arranged in an ergonomically comfortable position.

“The front bulk head has also been designed in a way that allows more space for the curtain pole to be stored and self-locating pole guides top and bottom ensure that the curtain is extremely user friendly and simple for the driver to work with. Integral pole guides keep the pole in true alignment – thereby avoiding curtain wrinkles and creases.”

Schmitz Cargobull believe that the Freepost – which was officially launched in the UK in Spring of 2009 – raises the bar in trailer design.

“The trailer features a number of significant design improvements,” says Nigel Somers, Schmitz Cargobull UK’s Regional Sales Director. “For example, the roof itself is constructed from modular galvanized steel sheets instead of the more usual aluminium sheeting. The steel roof has a number of key advantages over aluminium predecessor – it is stronger, lighter and easier to manufacture as well as being easier to repair in the event of damage. Being lighter, of course, the roof reduces the overall weight of the trailer which adds to the trailer’s fuel efficiency.”

The two Schmitz Cargobull Euroliners that Lockwood also acquired as part of the same deal, represent another departure from the company’s traditional purchasing policy.

Because the trailers will be used to carry a range of light but bulky raw materials and finished products on behalf of companies that operate in the packaging sector, Lockwood have no requirement for roof restraints and, therefore, do not require metal-roofed trailers. The Euroliners have a fabric roof which not only allows Lockwood to maximize the internal height of the trailer but, being fabric, also means that the Euroliner’s overall weight is reduced – which makes it more economical to run.

“Lockwood are trialing the Euroliners on routes throughout the UK and we believe that we will be able to demonstrate that they offer significant cost efficiencies over existing trailers in their fleet,” says Ryan Mazgaj.

“We are looking forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship with the company,” he adds.

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