The New Universal Column Protector is the most cost effective way to protect your Columns and Forklifts. Supplied in four sections with plastic cross membranes, the Universal Column Protector can be cut to fit any size concrete column up to700mm squared.

Barry Flynn, MD of Addgards states, ‘We were always receiving enquires for different size columns especially the larger columns that we couldn’t cater for with the current range of standalone Columns Protectors, so we designed a protector that could be cut to fit at either our factory or by the customer’. ‘This allows the customer great flexibility and also keeps their costs down when protecting very large columns’

The Universal Protector is a new addition to Addgards Column Protector range. All Addgards Column Protector are tough, made from a high density polyethylene, highly visible, maintenance free, cost effective and easily installed (no tools or fixings required). The range of sizes now extends to fit columns from 100mm to 700mm squared.

On collision the Addgards Column Protector will release air to cushion the impact between the forklift and the column. The Column Protector can withstand heavy and frequent blows. It can also be sold in half or quarter sections, minimising cost when only one section needs to be replaced.

Addgards have been producing safety products for over 15 years with award winning products such as The Handigard, The Minder and the Column Protector.

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