Rackcare Ltd, the specialist racking management business, has developed an innovative racking damage tolerance gauge, designed specifically to measure damage to racking. It is the first readily available tool of its type. It is made in high grade stainless steel and is the same size as a credit card. It has tolerance measurement slots for both racking uprights and braces. These follow the SEMA recommended maximum distortion level over a 1000mm length, namely: Uprights at 3mm – frontal, 5mm lateral and bracing at 10mm. The gauge allows a quick and simple check of racking damage; it is the only practical and low cost tool available for measuring racking damage accurately.

As an added benefit the gauge is supplied complete with its own protective carry sleeve which can be attached to key ring or neck lanyards.

Chris Cooper of Rackcare said; ‘since developing our RackCare Racking management system we have been frustrated by the lack of an easy to use tool for checking damage against the recommended tolerances. Our answer may now seem both simple and obvious, but it has taken some time and effort to actually produce a practical and low cost solution.’

The Gauge is available from support@rackcare.com for £6.35 including post and packaging. – Web: www.rackcare.com

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