A leading supplier of power management and intelligent switchgear systems has taken delivery of a custom-built ROBUR truck from Stanley Handling.

Mardix provides solutions to banks, financial institutions and other organisations and its installation team is frequently called upon to handle large switchgear cabinets, weighing up to two tonnes, in areas with restricted height clearance. This has necessitated tilting the equipment to enable positioning and has required a high degree of manual handling by teams of up to six operatives. The company’s own health and safety specialists identified the need for a mechanical alternative but amongst equipment suppliers contacted by Mardix, only Stanley Handling would undertake the project.

The result was the ROBUR SBP/3030, effectively a pedestrian-operated, battery-powered straddle truck fitted with a unique clamping and tilting system. A special frame is attached to mounting points in the top of the cabinet enabling the ROBUR handler to engage with, tilt and lower the equipment to the horizontal where, once locked in place, it can safely and easily be moved to the desired location. With 3000mm lift and 3000kg weight capabilities and a host of safety innovations, the new truck has simplified the task, reduced time and manpower requirements and exceeded health and safety demands.

Stanley Handling Limited

Sarah Stanley

Tel: 01582 767711

E: sarah@stanleyhandling.co.uk

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