KNAPP AG, the leading global supplier of warehouse automation and logistics software, has announced the opening of its brand-new Corporate Headquarters and Development Centre at its site in Graz, Austria.

The state-of-the-art building was officially opened in October during KNAPP’s Month Of Visitors Event (MOVE), when KNAPP clients and prospective customers from all over the world visited the Graz headquarters to experience a multitude of new innovations in automated handling and picking.

The new building allows KNAPP to concentrate its software expertise in a single location, following rapid growth in demand for its KiSoft software. With more than 1,200 active automated systems worldwide and an average of more than one new start-up each week, KNAPP is the leading supplier of logistics software covering the needs of small, manual warehouses up to fully automatic, high-performance facilities. Each year, the group invests over three million Euros in the development of its software solutions and more than 500 software engineers will now be working at the Graz site.

The new building is a powerful symbol of the group’s expansion and Eduard Wünscher, CEO of KNAPP AG, commented with obvious pride at the official opening, “Our confidence in the strength of our company and our employees encouraged us to see this project through, even in difficult economic times.”

As well as featuring stunning architecture, the building is highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. On the ground floor, renowned artist Richard Kriesche has creatively depicted the world of warehouse logistics with a 270° animated projection and special designs on the huge glass panels that form the building’s façade.


Mr Craig Rollason, Head of Sales & Marketing

Tel: 01844 202149


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