Union Industries, the market-leading manufacturer of the Matadoor range of Hi-Speed Doors, has joined the Warehouse Technology Group (WTG) to help increase skill levels and the use of technology in the warehousing, logistics and distribution sector.

WTG is comprised of 15 of Europe’s leading industry technology suppliers to the logistics sector who are committed to developing technology to improve productivity and standards in the sector. Each has provided expertise, products or equipment in the Logistics Innovation and Research Centre (LRIC) in Middleton, Manchester.

As part of its commitment to the group, Union Industries has donated a Matadoor, which has been installed at LRIC.

LRIC is a fully-operational 20,000 sqft warehouse, which is a multi-functional centre designed to test new products, teach experienced logistics workers new skills and provide new participants the skills they need.

Also acting as a showcase for the latest in warehouse, logistics and distribution technology and equipment, the centre provides a realistic commercial warehousing environment to demonstrate how the different technologies interface, tested and proved by experienced and novice learners receiving, handling, retrieving and distributing live freight.

Delivered by work-based learning provider Mantra Learning, the vocational training courses are provided to both public and private companies and are often funded by government-backed schemes such as Train2Gain and Apprenticeships.

Union’s Matadoor range of Hi-Speed Doors is in use in hundreds of industrial & commercial premises across the world. The range has become the Hi-Speed Doors of choice of logistics and distribution professionals in sectors including, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, supermarkets and food preparation, production and storage.

The Matadoor installed at LRIC will play an integral role in the warehouse’s training facilities. Providing particular benefit for forklift truck driver training, the Matadoor features Union’s innovative ‘Crash-Out’ system, which ensures the doors remain operable even if hit by a vehicle.

Once hit, the door opens fully then automatically resets back into the side guides, and continues to operate effectively, with no major repairs required, which is a real advantage reducing downtime, increasing productivity.

Fitted with radar motion sensors, the door automatically-operates when approached by a vehicle. To protect operatives training near the Matadoor, the automated system can be over-ridden by a key switch on the control panel.

As an additional safety device to protect pedestrians, Union has installed ‘Stand-Off Sensing Devices’ to both sides, which meet current Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

Connected to an external area, the Matadoor also supports energy control at the training centre. Due to its fast operating speed of 1.6 metres per second, the Matadoor practically eradicates the ingress of cold air allowing the warehouse to maintain a constantly controlled temperature.

Union has also donated a set of ‘End of Aisle’ bags to support the centre’s recycling programme. Available from Union’s General Trading Department, the bags are colour-coded and labelled for the recycling of paper and plastics.

Alan Hirst, Sales Director at Union Industries, said: “WTG is leading a very fresh approach to improving skills, competency and productivity levels in the logistics sector. The LRIC centre has helped to bridge the gap between a training centre and a real-life working environment, which can only benefit the skills development of operatives and the use of technology in the sector.

“Union Industries has always shown a strong commitment to staff development and we are very pleased to be able to play a bigger role in improving skills within the sector through the donation of the Matadoor.”

Phil Culling, Co-Founder of the Warehouse Technology Group and Chairman of Redirack Ltd, said: “Union’s Matadoor is a fantastic addition to the Warehouse Technology Group. It demonstrates the quality and innovation that exists in the logistics’ sector supply chain and will be of huge benefit to the many learners gaining new skills and qualifications at the centre.”

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