Union Industries, the UK’s market leading manufacturer of the Matadoor Range of Hi-Speed Roller Doors, is continuing to keep toes toasty at Schuh’s Livingston warehouse.

The Leeds-based company, which designs, manufactures, installs and maintains the Matadoor range, has worked alongside the fashion footwear retailer previously to provide draft and energy reduction solutions for the distribution area of the warehouse.

This latest Bulldoor is the third installed at Schuh following the success of two other Union doors on the site.

Schuh is one of the most innovative independent footwear retailers in the UK, and has 54 stores across the country with an additional 18 concessions. In order to reduce heat escaping from the warehouse, Schuh installed Union’s large Bulldoor to an external doorway in the distribution area.

The latest installation is another external door in the warehouse, where traffic movement in and out is very high, and so a significant amount of heat loss was incurred due to the existing security door being open for much of the time.

The fast speeds at which the Bulldoor opens, approximately 1.6m per second, and closes helps combat the problem of heat loss. The door is open for the minimum amount of time possible before closing automatically, meaning the warm air inside is kept in, and the cold air outside kept out, which makes the warehouse a more comfortable environment for staff, and also reduces energy bills.

Another problem Schuh had was ingress of dust and dirt into the warehouse and factory, as the external doors were generally open for long periods. This is now greatly reduced due to the limited amount of time that the Bulldoors are open, ensuring Schuh’s stock remains in prime condition.

Rob Bridle, Head of Logistics at Schuh Ltd, said: “Saving energy and providing a comfortable working environment are very important to Schuh. We were looking for alternative door options to help prevent internal heat loss and Union was recommended to us a few years ago. We have been very impressed by the design, reliability and quality of manufacture, which has led to us purchasing this third door from Union.”

Steve Moultrie, Technical Sales Engineer at Union Industries, said: “Our rapid roll doors offer real solutions to the challenges business face to be both efficient in practice and energy efficient. High-profile companies, such as Schuh, using our products demonstrates how the range is becoming synonymous with solving the issues of heat retention and energy saving.”

Union Industries

Tel: 0113 244 8393


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