Norbert Dentressangle will save more than 1,400 tonnes of CO2 over the next five years following the retrofit of LED lighting at its Bedworth cold store.

Developed and supplied by green lighting specialists, ECO Specialists, the LED commercial grade lights offer a 77% reduction in energy consumption compared to the existing fluorescent lighting, whilst providing equivalent light levels. In addition, LED lighting offers reduced heat output, delivering additional energy savings relating to cooling.

Unlike traditional lamps, LED lights also have an instantaneous start-up time with full brightness despite the -26°C temperature. To further reduce energy usage, Norbert Dentressangle plans to trial a sensored lighting solution suitable for a cold store environment which automatically switches on the lights when motion is sensed.

As part of its ongoing commitment to operational efficiency and environmental best practice, going forward, it is anticipated that the LED lighting will be rolled out to Norbert Dentressangle’s national network of nine cold stores.

Dr Phil Shepherd, Norbert Dentressangle’s Technical Director said: “Due to the -26°C temperatures, cold stores present a challenge for other lighting technologies which can take several minutes to reach full brightness. Being less energy efficient they also place a greater load on our refrigeration equipment. The hostile environment can shorten equipment life, but the LED solution has exceeded our expectations.

“As one of the UK’s leading providers of temperature-controlled logistics services, Norbert Dentressangle is committed to supporting the development and deployment of new technologies to deliver efficiencies and environmental improvements in this environment.

“The LED lighting project is one of a large number of initiatives designed to deliver both commercial and environmental benefits, in line with our own and our customers’ objectives and obligations.”

Norbert Dentressangle

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