Transdek UK will launch a brand-new range of products at IMHX 2010. The V2G loading system is designed to move product from the all double deck trailer types to ground level. It is aimed at revolutionising the design and build of retail sites, with the potential to save up to £250k on cost and 2 weeks on time of store builds, claim Transdek.

Ramped loading bays are commonly dug out so goods can be transferred on a single level from vehicles to warehouse and fast product flows can be maintained. However, according to Transdek MD Mark Adams, this whole process is based on a misconception.

“The discharge of goods vehicles at stores operates differently to distribution hubs”, states Mr Adams. “Because of the time needed to separate and marshal the various product types before they are moved in to the store, it typically takes over an hour to unload a full vehicle at retail outlets. An efficient hydraulic lifting platform can comfortably equal these tip times and makes the requirement for vehicle ramps, or raised docks, obsolete.”

This has significant implications for the design of back-of-store areas in terms of the cost and time of build. The cost of digging each vehicle ramp is estimated to be between £130k and £250k. But more notable are the potential savings from reducing the overall size of the build. “A vehicle ramp is typically 15m longer than the manoeuvring space required for goods vehicles would otherwise be. This is dead space, without which, an equivalent plot area can be used with much more flexibility.”

A number of major retailers have already shown interest in the new product, including Tesco and Boots. At one site, for example, where Transdek have already been invited to carry out a survey for the V2G equipment, the area saved by avoiding ramps meant the difference between being able to operate from the site or not. At another new-build site, the absence of ramps would provide the same customer with an additional 8000sq ft of store selling space – a 16% increase over the original design layout.

Unlike other systems designed for loading goods from vehicles to the ground, the V2G range is surface-mounted and comes as a drop-in, self-contained pod unit which can be installed and operational within a day. All comparable products on the market have to be dug in to pits, increasing installation costs as well as introducing complications with drainage and oil leaks.

The unique extended lift stroke on the products means they can be used to service any variation of goods vehicles, from rigids to the tallest double deck trailers. “This offers another potential opportunity to the retailers”, comments Mr Adams. “It means they can convert more, flat-floor stores for double deck operations, with well-documented cost and environmental benefits.”

The V2G system will be shown on stand 20C30 at the IMHX show running from 16-19th November at the NEC.

Transdek UK Ltd

Mark Adams

Tel: 01777 705958


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