Castell Safety International has launched an improved and more efficient padlock differ recording database for its Iso-Lok range of lockout tagout (LOTO) products.

The Iso-Lok padlock range is designed to uphold the integrity of the user’s LOTO safety system by guaranteeing that each padlock on any one site is unique – that each one ‘differs’ from the others so that it can only be unlocked by the specific key meant for it. This is achieved by supplying each padlock with a distinct barrel which has a differ (key) number associated with that barrel.

Every differ number is stored on the Iso-Lok database, referenced against the customer and the site it was delivered to. This enables the company to very simply and reliably identify differs previously supplied in the past, and therefore prevent any padlock differ duplication.

Iso-Lok is the only company to automatically record differs on a site or company-wide basis rather than just per order, ensuring the validity of and enhancing their customers’ safety systems over time. The newly developed database allows the company to process orders more efficiently, trace differs per site more easily, and gather more data more quickly – further improving on the already uniquely beneficial system.

Neal Partridge, Castell’s Head of Quality, commented: “The main advantage of this system is that it records the actual operatives and the entries they make into the database, which provides a greater level of verification and validation, and minimises errors. The integrity of this new system has helped to further improve our Quality Assurance process for Iso-Lok padlocks.”

Castell Safety International (Iso-Lok)

Shila Mohammadian

Tel: 0208 511 1842


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