Published this month by Pracht is its brand new brochure on its range of high performance IP rated fluorescent and linear LED fittings for the more aggressive environment.

Available from Sill Lighting, which supports Pracht in the UK, the 215 page full colour A4 brochure covers batten, tubular, vandal resistant, industrial, surface, recessed, special, emergency and a new range of LED luminaires, all from high tech plastics.

Dr Friedhelm Pracht, CEO of Pracht Group, has used the materials science of high tech plastics, in combination with leading reflector technology and the experience of the group’s 50 years heritage, to create Pralux – a range of long lasting, tough, highly efficient luminaires – Pracht’s commitment to product responsibility.

The Pralux technology features throughout the product range. It’s an approach to reflector and diffuser design that results in very high efficiencies. With adjustable, narrow, medium or wide beam reflector options, accurate targeting and greater utilisation of light is achieved. Studies have shown that with Pracht Pralux IP rated luminaires, it is possible to use up to half the number of fluorescent luminaires in a scheme compared with conventional diffuser fittings. This also results in nearly 40% energy saving and CO2 emission reductions, thus helping with climate change.

Using Pracht’s environmentally conscious technology to reduce luminaire quantities also reduces initial installation costs and lowers maintenance, replacement and waste disposal. Thus total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

With many fluorescent luminaire options available, the Pracht lighting range all share the same attention to design detail giving them high lighting efficiency, long durability, low maintenance and a life expectancy of 20 years. Instead of the commonly used 3 metre long gaskets, the weak point of most ingress-protected fluorescent fittings, Pracht luminaires have just two, reliable 45mm ‘O’ rings providing efficient sealing, whilst the lamp holder contacts are silver-plated. Reflectors are fully enclosed with a choice of advanced plastics diffuser materials to suit different applications, meaning that they are protected variously against impact, chemicals, dirt and high or low temperatures whilst maximising light output. Much care has been given to installation and maintenance, the luminaires being able to be mounted single-handed with the special Pracht fixing clip system and subsequent re-lamping is also designed for one-person operation.

Copies of the new Pracht brochure are available from Sill Lighting on 01844 260006, emailing or by requesting via the company’s website

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