Musgrave Wholesale Select Belgravium for Real Time Stock Visibility Solution.

Musgrave Wholesale, part of the Musgrave Group, operates as Ireland’s largest and most innovative cash and carry wholesaler. A one stop shop for independent retailers, foodservice professionals and SME businesses, they offer an unparalleled range of products within the wholesale market of chilled and frozen foods, grocery lines, alcohol, catering equipment and electrical items.

Meeting the needs of unaffiliated independent retailers & food service professionals remains a key part of the Musgrave business model. The Musgrave approach is to co-create brands with their retail partners, and equip them with the sales, marketing, IT, finance and logistical expertise that come with the most advanced retail model.

As a part of this philosophy, they recently chose leading mobile computing manufacturers Belgravium to provide them with a real time stock check solution. As an ongoing and successful supplier to sister company Musgrave Supercentra, Belgravium were already proven within the Musgrave group as efficient and reliable mobile computing solutions provider, thus making them the ideal first choice to fulfil the wholesale requirement. Working hand in hand with Musgraves, Belgravium helped create an application that could work with the varying layouts of the barcodes from their multiple suppliers, something they haven’t previously been able to do. The solution, to be rolled out across their cash and carry network, utilises Belgraviums “Rugged by Design” Atlanta 8000 Series handheld, providing exceptional stock visibility in addition to:

• “Rugged by Design” data capture hardware -designed to survive the rigours from even the harshest of environments.

• Real Time transparency and traceability of all items handled across their retail outlets

• Fast, reliable, and accurate capture of data, via high speed scanning

Musgrave continues to be excited by the potential of the solution with relation to further process improvements that will help them deliver unsurpassable customer service levels across their operations.

Belgravium Ltd

Karen Fotherby,

Marketing Executive

Tel: 01274 741860

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