mosca-ro-mStrapping equipment specialist Mosca is looking for UK distributors for its versatile entry-level machine, the Mosca RO-M. The company believes that the strategic partnership will benefit both parties, by extending the reach of the high-quality but competitively priced machine to new markets.

Mosca has identified a market for smaller companies who might traditionally not look to the market leader to meet their strapping requirements but, as Peter Foster, Managing Director of Mosca Direct, explains, whoever distributes the Mosca RO-M will have a significant commercial advantage.

“Companies with entry-level strapping requirements often turn to the cheapest solution available on the market, rather than the most reliable. As a result, any short-term cost gains are cancelled out by long-term losses in terms of downtime, maintenance and servicing.

“The Mosca RO-M is designed to provide these companies with a solution that offers Mosca’s proven build quality but is still competitive in terms of pricing,” he adds.

The ideal distributor will have a strong industrial, materials handling or logistics background, with an extensive customer base across a range of vertical sectors Should multiple partners emerge, Mosca says it will consider regional exclusivity in order to allow each distributor a targeted, protected market.

Built for general strapping applications, the Mosca RO-M combines the company’s renowned reputation for technological expertise with simplicity of use and competitive pricing.

The machine incorporates an advanced sealing head and Mosca’s pioneering direct drive technology, which minimises the number of moving parts to deliver excellent performance and reliability. Nevertheless, by removing top-of-the-range extras, typically found as standard throughout the rest of the Mosca range, the machine is extremely competitively priced.

The simplified design of the Mosca RO-M uses a standard arch size of 800x600mm and is compatible with two common PP strap widths, 5mm and 8mm, which can withstand tension of up to 25kg. The automatic machine is capable of achieving speeds of up to 35 cycles per minute.

The Mosca RO-M can be sold with an optional servicing package using Mosca’s specialist engineers, or it can be supplied service-free for self-maintenance.

“We firmly believe that the Mosca RO-M can make a big difference to companies who do not currently use strapping machines,” concludes Peter Foster. “There are enormous opportunities for the right distributor working in strategic partnership with Mosca.”

Mosca Direct Ltd

Tel: 0115 989 0209


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