sec_logo_300Siemens Industry Automation and Drive Technologies (formerly Automation and Drives) have tasked The Storage Equipment Centre (SEC) to design, supply and install its storage facility at their new 50,000 sq/ft manufacturing plant and warehouse in Leeds.

Siemens IA & DT and SEC have worked together since February of this year to design a bespoke pallet racking solution to best suit the new facility and maximise the space available. Siemens’ previous facility in Bradford had a maximum building height of six metres limited to one area. The new building has ten metres across the entire facility. The main feature of the solution is a racking system incorporating low level picking and high level pallet storage to a height of 9.6 metres. A second area includes heavy duty pallet racking with a loading of 3,732kgs per level. Making full use of the height of the building has enabled Siemens IA & DT to store considerably more pallets than their previous facility which will enable them to handle future growth.

SEC also worked closely with Siemens’ incumbent fork lift truck supplier to ensure the solution was fully compatible with their existing materials handling equipment, including an articulated and heavy duty counterbalanced fork lift truck. Safety barriers, anti-collapse mesh and decking is also to be supplied by SEC to complete the solution.

Mark Paley, Motox Team Leader, at Siemens IA & DT commented, “SEC has worked with us since February to design a solution that was bespoke to our operational needs and specification of the new building. We were impressed not only with their solution but also professional approach concentrating on finite details”.

Installation of the facility was due to be completed by the middle of September by The Storage Equipment Centre’s own installation team.

More information can be found at or by calling 0870 241 0872.

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