23Visitors to IMHX will surely want to race to the Calor stand (Hall 18, Stand 18M130) to meet two of the stars of the 2010 British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) and challenge them to a competitive drive closer to home in Calor’s Forklift Challenge.

BTCC race stars Tom Onslow-Cole and Tom Chilton are no strangers to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as their Team Aon Ford Focus cars are powered by Calor LPG. Their success in this season’s race calendar has demonstrated just how beneficial LPG can be for automotive engines – something that is also replicated in forklift trucks – and will be putting their own forklift driving skills to the test on Calor’s stand at IMHX.

Anyone visiting Calor’s stand  may have the opportunity to compete with the professional drivers in a time trial using a remote control forklift truck. All times will be recorded, and the fastest on each day will be rewarded with an iPod.

Calor’s forklift National Account Manager Andy Kellett says: “All of the benefits that Team Aon are seeing in their BTCC cars can also be enjoyed by forklift truck operators. It is a much cleaner burning fuel than diesel and it is the lowest carbon fuel available for forklifts1. By switching to Calor powered FLTs businesses can instantly reduce emissions without compromising uptime.”

Visitors to the stand will also be able to see the full range of Calor’s ‘genius’ LPG fuelling solutions, making the decision to choose an LPG powered forklift even easier.

Andy adds: “Calor has invested heavily in advancing its offering for forklift truck operators. Calor cylinders have been developed with Magnatract® technology, which eliminates the risk of fragmented metal particles within the cylinder blocking the valve or entering the engine which can interrupt fuel supply. A plastic dip tube is also used, which in contrast to traditional metal dip tubes, is designed for flexibility and will never fracture.

233“Other advances Calor is making in the market include larger capacity fixed fuel tanks that  can reduce downtime, ‘date stamps’ that are placed on every single Calor forklift cylinder to ensure safety tests are carried out well in advance of their due date, and telemetry units which automatically notify Calor when a delivery is due meaning businesses should never have to worry about running out of gas.

“From an operational point of view, LPG avoids the lengthy charging periods and disposal costs associated with electric trucks. In addition, LPG , does not present the same risks of contamination and clean up issues associated with diesel.  And,  as a cleaner burning fuel than diesel, LPG also benefits from reduced overall engine wear1. With lower carbon emissions, LPG trucks can also be used inside in sensitive environments as well as outside on more difficult terrains2.”

On a final note, an IMHX registration process has been set up to enable people to pre-organise a meeting with a Calor representative before the show and make sure they get the chance to record their fastest lap on the remote control forklift track. To reserve some time with a Calor representative at the show, please email askcalor@calor.co.uk with IMHX in the subject.

For more information on Calor’s supply solutions visit www.calor.co.uk/forklifts or call 0800 121 7841.

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