luxonic_premier_decorations_imageA unique range of specialist warehouse products from Luxonic Lighting has already dramatically reduced the energy consumption of many businesses throughout the UK. Premier Decorations in Wrexham recently decided to capitalise on this opportunity themselves, recognising that the cost of running their existing lighting installation was one of the largest overheads they faced.

The existing fittings within the Premier Decorations warehouse were 400W Mercury Discharge High-Bay luminaires. This type of fitting is not designed for racking aisles, and is therefore very inefficient when used in this context.

Luxonic proposed the ‘Aislelux’ fitting, with 2x80W T5 Amalgam lamps and integral presence detector. T5 Amalgam technology gives temperature stability at low and high temperatures and constant output through its 20,000-hour lifetime, therefore minimising maintenance. The Aislelux luminaire has a superior high efficiency louvre, at over 90% efficient. The average life of the high frequency dimming control gear, when used in this fitting, is 100,000 hours.

These factors, coupled with the occupancy/daylight sensor offering 10% dimmed levels when unoccupied, have been installed in Premier Decorations to give a highly efficient installation.

The energy savings achieved with the new installation were substantial. A conservative occupancy level of 58% was used for the purpose of the calculation, with this figure based on 7 x 5 minute visits per hour. The energy savings are detailed below:

Previous running cost: £90,000

New running cost: £23,000

Power draw of old installation: 830 KWh

Power draw of new installation: 212 KWh

Substantial Savings

Overall, Luxonic achieved a 74% energy saving for Premier Decorations. The payback period was only 1.49 years, based on very conservative design parameters. The £67,000 annual cost reduction and 271 tonnes annual CO2 saving prove that a small investment in a new lighting scheme can reap significant benefits over the long term.


• To upgrade the lighting installation in order to reduce the overall power consumption, reduce the CO2 emissions from the site, and improve the quality of the working environment

• The Luxonic Warehouse/Industrial range is the most efficient on the market, maximizing energy savings

• Installations can be funded by an interest free Carbon Trust loan, subject to assessment criteria


• Luxonic offer free site surveys and design service, we work with the customer to fully understand individual requirements



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