pogo-keg-5A pool and darts club in Essex is getting a helping hand with its drinks deliveries from a PowerMate Pogo stairclimber supplied by Stanley Handling. The Venue in Witham is on the first floor so when Molson Coors Brewing UK approached the members’ club, hoping to win a supply contract, access was clearly an issue.

Staff had traditionally moved beer kegs by hand but with barrels weighing almost 60kgs, it seemed opportune to address health and safety concerns. A deal was struck whereby the brewer funded The Venue’s purchase of a P-Series stairclimber in return for a guaranteed fixed-term supply deal.

The robust steel and aluminium Pogo from Stanley Handling, shown here in the company’s training centre, is rated to 100kgs and is simple to operate; its 12-volt motor provides 100% of the lift and not only moves kegs and crates up and down stairs and along corridors with minimal physical effort but eliminates the risk of damage to premises and goods. Also able to load and unload vehicles, it is, according to licensee David Clarke, ‘practically an extra man. Brilliant!’

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