Joe Joyce, SSI Schaefer’s new Plastic Development Manager, will be showcasing a range of unique,  environmentally friendly plastic containers using the award-winning and highly regarded INTERCEPT® Technology at this year’s IMHX show.

With over 14 years experience in the plastics industry, Joe is excited to be offering the materials handling industry a new product that is set to revolutionise the way goods are protected during transportation and vastly improve the green credentials of its users.

The containers, available now, were developed to protect virtually any material from all climatic conditions and environmental influences. INTERCEPT® products do not emit chemical gases; they can be recycled and meet all work safety requirements and goods no longer need to be preserved, for example, by oiling them, resulting in considerable processing cost savings.

Joe said: “Such technology allows users to protect goods against corrosion during transport, shipment and storage under extreme conditions and reduce production costs whilst reducing overall carbon footprint impact.”

Aged 43, Joe joined SSI Schaefer because of its strong reputation within the UK and Europe, excellent product range and continual development of products aimed at new markets and existing plastics users .

Joe commented: “I am looking forward to the future here at SSI Schaefer, the investment in new developments over the last three years, whilst other companies have downsized or stood still, is nothing short of amazing.

“Using my vast experience within plastics, including thermoforming and specialist solutions for the automotive, aerospace, retail and engineering sectors, my long-term aim is to establish SSI Schaefer as the market leader for plastics in the UK and be the first name on every list when people require solutions in plastic.”

See Joe at IMHX on stand no 18N100

SSI Schaefer

Tel: 01264 386600


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