bulmor-lancer-leqn-30-50As the niche specialist for safe and secure handling where sideloading is ideal such as the plastics, steel and wood industries – Bulmor Lancer group will proudly be highlighting their business confidence in the shape of three different truck designs on Stand 18M174.

The LQ 100 – 180 is for loads up to 18 tons and breaks new ground with maintenance free fly-by-wire controls. In turn the Lancer LEQN 30-50 offers electric environment friendly 3-5 ton lift and features a host of special accessories and fittings for maximum flexibility. And the trio is completed by the EMS range which matches quiet energy saving electric power with multi-directional versatility for internal warehouse situations.  Visitors can also avail themselves of Job Reports from all of the above industries to enable them to relate to their needs and solutions.

The highlighted models complement Lancer’s unique position as being the only supplier of IC and electric conventional sideloaders, IC fourway sideloaders, electric 4-way sideloaders and rough terrain trucks. All of which is backed by the unrivalled combination of central UK location, instant spare parts and service attention and focused technical advice and support. A Lancer sideloader purchase is an investment in faster, more efficient and significantly safer handling of long, bulky and heavy loads by virtue of the items being retained at the centre of gravity within the four wheels, rather than simply balanced and liable to lack of support and tipping as with conventional forklifts trucks.

Contact Lancer UK at 01525 378000; email sales@lancertrucks.co.uk or visit www.lancertrucks.com

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