Rather than relocating into new premises, many companies have created additional space in their existing premises by installing a mezzanine floor in order to create more production or storage facilities to support expansion plans. To suit this trend, Advanced Automated Systems Ltd, manufacture and install purpose designed inclined and vertical floor to floor conveyors through out the UK, providing cost effective handling solutions and a safe method of transporting products to and from mezzanines or differing floor levels.

Engineered from aluminium or mild steel powder coated profile and fitted with a grip faced belt, inclined conveyors are designed to convey products of all shapes and sizes. Double tracking strips ensure that the belt remains positively tracked even when operated in both forward and reverse directions, which can significantly increase belt life. Advance can offer many drive configurations including shaft mounted motor, motorised drums and under slung drives as standard. Safety features include enclosed underguarding of the full inclined height with adequate guarding on all moving parts, including ‘pop-out’ rollers at transfer points.

In meeting individual requirements, Advance Automated Systems can provide various optional features including a large range of supports and guide systems, plus full electrical controls as required.

Inclined conveyors are a cost effective alternative to a goods lift, as they are simple to operate and can provide for a fast continuous flow of goods or equipment between floors. However, where space is an issue, Advance can offer an alternative solution by installing an automated vertical conveyor.

Goods are fed at a controlled speed and indexed on a belt conveyor into a vertical lift that automatically conveys product up an encased shaft to the next floor or multi floor levels, exiting onto a conveyor to be transferred away as necessary.

Advanced Automated Systems can offer total flexibility in design, manufacturing and installation of mezzanine and interfloor conveyers to provide customers individual solutions to their handling needs.

Advance Automated Ltd

Tel: 01388 811122

E: m.lynam@advance-as.co.uk


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